Portraits And Studio Work

Interested in getting any type of studio photography? Read on for more information about glamor, headshots, senior portraits, babies, and family portraits.

All-day studio sessions are $150 and include as many costume changes or lighting setups that we as a team can work on. Typically I like to meet with clients for a while to work up a list of the shots we want to accomplish in a studio setting so that I can plan how to light the scenes for easier and faster workflow.

Whether it is a sweet sixteen portrait, family reunion or a child and their dog. Every portrait is important. Pictures will preserve your memories for a lifetime. Our style can provide you with very traditional formals to highly creative lifestyle images.

However, if all that you are seeking is just a simple headshot with just one outfit, you don't have to pay for the studio the whole day. I offer $25 headshots in the studio with a maximum of 100 frames shot (shoot a dozen, check them out quick on the computer, adjust a little, shoot some more) and one edited while you wait.


Above all else we want you to have fun. If you're not having fun, we're not having fun, and that's why we got into this stuff in the first place. I try to take one really-great and really-funny picture with each person each time we meet


Don't forget that all of our studio images are professionally retouched, just like our wedding packages, to smooth out any of those little undesirable things we experience.

In the studio

Here's me in the studio, ready to work with you!