Photo Editing

Although I strive to take the best photo, sometimes the photo that is exposed properly can still be made better. Not by having shot it differently, but by editing the content of the photo to perhaps remove unwanted or distracting things, or to just enhance our appearance.

I feel that for things such as your wedding day, or other important events, it matters to have the best possible images. Following are just a small set of examples of the kinds of work performed an ALL of the images that I put into my wedding albums.

But, I go beyond just bringing out your inner beauty, I can completely remove distracting things. Consider the next few examples:

Now consider this lovely bride entering a ceremony with her equally beautiful mother as her escort.

It is nice, their expressions are great, but there's someone walking by in the background. So, I fixed that as seen here:

I cropped in a little tighter so we could better see their faces, and I made mom a little younger-looking by removing some smile-wrinkles. This took a shot that was pretty nice and made it a great photograph.