Babies, Moms, and Kids!

Is that special one is on the way, or already here? Creating memories that will last a lifetime is important for your growing family.

We recommend a whole-day studio session for expectant mothers so that you can be sure to rest and relax frequently so you look your best. For babies, we can arrange for regular evening sessions every few months to capture your baby as they grow older.

Bring Dad along as well to be sure we capture the whole family. Multiple outfits for baby, or for moms-to-be well ensure we can get the right look.

If your child has a special toy, perhaps something passed down in the family or one that really makes their eyes light up, please be sure to bring that with you. If baby is still on the way, bring a copy of a sonogram - I know of a special way to incorporate these into a truly memorable photo the family will cherish.

Sometimes babies aren't the happies after a few outfits, but don't worry we can still find a memorable moment even in the middle of a big cry.