Weddings - Album

New for 2010 Weddings and Beyond!

We are moving a new digitally designed 12" by 12" album with 50 pages.

These are big beautiful albums that you and your family will enjoy for many years. Their sturdy construction, yet still manageable weight (ever hold one of those 10 pound albums from other photographers? Ouch!) lets you easily pass the album around at holidays and it can still fit on a shelf.

The album, when opened, lays flat allowing for a 12" by 24" page of continuous photo display. There is no "gutter" on each page so a single photo can easily run from one page to the next maximizing the real estate of the page. This lets you see details in photos better, and can allow for a single photo to be the background for both pages, with photos layered on top.

Some albums have to have a gutter, which interrupts the view from one page to the next, but not these albums.

One of these albums is included in your wedding package, but you may also order more of them, and you may order them in smaller sizes. This can be an easy and affordable way to give albums to your parents or other relatives.

Additional 12x12 50-page albums, exactly like the one included in your wedding package, are available for $200 each. Similar-styled albums, still with 50 pages, come in both 10x10 and 8x8 versions, and they are priced at $150 and $100 respectively.

All of the images in the album are also displayed online in the gallery and are provided on CD-ROM. These are the images that are edited, both for content (removal of unsightly things or cropping) and for color, black and white, or combined.

Following are several images of a 12x12 album open. Remember that this book is two-feet wide.

These are not screen captures of the album preview, they are actual photos of albums propped up. You can see how the pages lay, how the photos look in comparison to each other as they look actually printed.

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