Pentax 50mm f/2.0 MF


It is amazing to think back to a time when this f/2.0 lens was the fastest lens I owned. It was early in my film days, very much an amateur. Things have progressed a lot since then, both for me as a photographer and for the engineering and technology of lens making.

This lens is overall pretty soft and not terribly useful with modern technology. In its day, it worked fine for film, with its grain, to snap family photos.


Maximum Aperture: f/2.0

Minimum Aperture: f/22


Wide open, images are soft with an overall haze look. There is no haze on any of the elements, there is just that much aberration to the light collected.

Things get better as you stop down to f/4 through f/8. But a 50mm lens that is only serviceable above f/4 yet isn't some kind of magic macro or has some other worthwhile feature, that's a terrible lens.


Following are some sample photos to demonstrate the power of this type of lens and some general uses which will likely yield good results. If you shoot things like these, then this lens may be a good one to think about adding to your camera bag.