Nikon N60


The Nikon N60 was a popular Film SLR of the 1990s.

It was called the N60 in the USA, but called the F60 in the rest of the world.

If you're still investing in film, then you might be looking for a nice user-friendly SLR. Read on for more. On the other hand, if digital-only is your thing, then look at this as more for historical comparison with the "good old days."


Build Quality: Metal chassis, unlike the cheapy plastic body of the N65, which supposedly replaced the N60.

Modes: M,A,S,P, Auto, Landscape, Portrait, Sports, Macro, and Night. Having the scene modes is nice if you're just getting started. Full Auto is nice as a "PHD" mode (Push Here, Dummy) or "waiter" mode so you can hand your camera to someone else to take a photo of you. Hopefully you'll quickly out-grow the canned modes and shoot more in something like "A" where you gain more control over the image, but still rely on the camera to do most of the thinking for you.


Overall, this is a handy little camera to have around.

I think it is completely blown out of the water now with the fancy digital bodies, but when I want to shoot 35mm film, and I don't feel like digging out a big medium format body, I like having this peppy little SLR around.


The N65 and N55 both came after the N60, but I feel both are inferior in build quality and the flash sync speed of these "upgraded" cameras leave a lot to be desired.

The real alternatives to the trusty N60 are all of the digital bodies out now.


Following are some sample photos to demonstrate the power of this camera and some general uses which will likely yield good results. If you shoot things like these, then this body may be a good one to think about adding to your camera bag.